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Germany’s per capita is increasing every fiscal year. One of the best in Quality of Life, Transportation, Infrastructure, Healthcare and Safety. We all know that Very few European countries open gates to Non-EU Citizens, Germany is one among those countries in EU that welcomes Highly Skilled Individuals to come and settle in the Country. As per the recent surveys conducted by Expats Insider, 92% of Non-EU’s who are living in Germany find it very satisfying to live and work in this nation. Around 80% of the expats satisfied with the Job security in Germany and ranking Germany as 2nd in the World in Job Security.

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Germany Job Seeker Visa

As the title speaks, you don’t need to have an Offer of employment from a German Employer in order to apply for this Visa. This Visa allows you to go and search for an appropriate Job in Germany for a Time period of SIX months, once you have found a right job that is suitable for your profile you can apply for EU Blue Card or Residency Permit in Germany without moving out of the country.

Job Seeker Visa can be simplified as an Entry Pass to the Highly Skilled Individuals in S-T-E-M Skills, where STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This Visa encourages NON-EU nationals who has Skill set in One of the STEM backgrounds.

Ever growing economy, Evolutionary Advancements, aging local work force has kept the doors of Germany Immigration open to welcome new era of Skilled Professionals who can bring a spark. German Employers can easily hire the candidates with these Job Seeker Visa without having any labor law limitations.

Am I Eligibility for this Visa?

In order to be eligible for a Visa one must fulfill certain basic criteria of that particular Visa. As such, If one must be eligible to apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa, they have to meet certain parameters as mentioned below;

  • You must have pursued Education that falls under STEM Subject Knowledge from a recognized University/University affiliated college.
  • You Must have a minimum of 4 Years of post-education qualification Work Experience under STEM Category.
  • You Must be able to support yourself financially during 6 months period of time (Job Seeker validity Period) without depending on anyone or without depending on German government.
  • You Must have a Medical Coverage for 6 months.


  • No need of Language tests
  • No Offer of Employment is required from German Employer to apply for this Visa from your Home Country.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residence
  • Quicker Visa Processing timelines
  • Welcome your family (spouse and Kids) to live with you in Germany once you have a job

How Phoenix Assist’s You

We are customer centric and you feel it from the very moment of our first meeting and till the end of the Visa process. We will only promise you what can be practically possible to Deliver by us.

  • In our first meeting we will discuss about your eligibility in obtain Job Seeker Visa. If you meet the eligibility parameters then we will procced further.
  • A detailed check list as per the Visa guidelines will be released to you, so that you can arrange for all the required basic documents.
  • We will guide and assist you in every aspect of the documentation.
  • We will explain you how the Visa interview works and what is generally expected by Visa officer in order for him to decide that you are a potential candidate who can add value to the German Economy.
  • JOB ASSISTANCE: This is what you actually look for and most of our competitors promise you a JOB or Job search and maybe you are asked to pay extra for these services. But we don’t charge you anything for job assistance and we don’t promise you a Job. What we can do is;
    1. We will for sure share your CV with our past clients who are presently working and settled in Germany.
    2. We will share some contact information to you which is of our German resident clients who are presently working and willing to assist you in arranging accommodation and a helping hand in forwarding your CV to the reliable networks.
    3. You will be receiving guidance regarding life in Germany and the initial things to do once you are in Germany.
    4. CV preparation as per the country and Industry standards and other assistance that will make things little bit easier for you after you move in.

Talk to us Today, Know more about your Eligibility and Scope of your Skill Set in Germany.