Family Sponsorships, Super Visa, and Family Visit Visa

Canada Family Sponsorship

If you are a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada you can Sponsor your Spouse and Kids to come and join you in Canada Permanently.

  • Your Spouse Do Not need to write IELTS, or no need of obtaining Education Assessment
  • You can Sponsor your New Born or Adopted Kids
  • No Criminal Record
  • Usually, Good State of Health Condition

With the recent changes to the Sponsorship application procedure, your family can obtain the visa faster than ever.

canada family visa

Canada Super Visa

If your Children/Grandchildren are Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada you can apply for a Super Visa to stay with your Children/Grandchildren in Canada on a Longer-term Visa.

Even though this visa looks straight forward the Immigration of Canada assess application on various factors to make a final decision.

Canada Family Visit Visa

You can visit your dearer and nearer who are in Canada on Temporary Visa, Permanent Residence or Citizenship.

A mother Visiting her pregnant Daughter in Canada to Hold her Hand and to be supportive, In-laws visiting, Brothers and Sisters Visiting.

The purpose of visit and applicants tie ups with their home country must be demonstrated Strong.

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We at Phoenix Migration Consulting assisted numerous families in joining their loved ones in Canada. We are happy to connect you with your family members and friends.

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